Great Quotes on Electronic Cigarettes

On ECig Safety

Professor Carl Phillips

Head shot of Carl Phillips in a library.

1. “Three months of additional smoking poses a greater risk to someone’s health, on average, than a lifetime of using a low-risk alternative.”

SourceECigarette Politics

David Sweanor: Former Advisor to the WHO on Tobacco Control

David Sweanor

2. “Safe doesn’t exist. But electronic cigarettes are low risk compared to regular cigarettes. It’s the equivalent of having a four-wheel-drive Volvo compared to a high-powered motorcycle with bald tires in an ice storm.:

3. “Rather than the unattainable standard of ‘safe’ we should be thinking in terms of ‘safer’. Despite the risks associated with soccer, I would, for instance, prefer my children play soccer rather than play with live hand grenades.”

SourceAn Interview with David Sweanor

Cohn and Siegel

4. “…they [electronic cigarettes] are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes.” Click to tweet this quote

SourcePalgrave Journals

Professor Siegel

Headshot of Michael Siegel

5.  ”Electronic cigarettes are a potential lifeboat. No, they have not been tested and approved by the FDA.

“But if you were in a sinking ship, would you remain in the ship because the lifeboats had not been FDA-tested and approved?”

SourceTobacco Analysis Blog

Dr J Nitzkin, AAPHP

6. “If we get all tobacco smokers to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, we would eventually reduce the US death toll from more than 400,000 a year to less than 4,000, maybe as low as 400.”

SourceAn Interview with Dr Joel Nitzkin

David Halpern, UK Government Nudge Unit

David Halpern, UK Government Nudge Unit

7. “There’s no doubt it [The Electronic Cigarette] can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds.” Click to tweet this quote

SourceDaily Mail

Dr Murray Laugesen: Health New Zealand

8. “…inhaling mist from the e-cigarette is rated several orders of magnitude (100 to 1000 times) less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes.”

SourceHealth New Zealand

Deborah Arnott, Action of Smoking and Health 

Head shot of Deborah Arnott

9. “…in comparison to tobacco products they are safer by several orders of magnitude.” Click to tweet this link

Deborah still supports regulation which would outlaw all ecigarettes today.

Professor John Britton, chair of the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians

10. “If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize.”

Source: BBC

On Passive Vaping


11. “…new research shows that nicotine emitted by e-cigs combines with chemicals in the air to form extremely potent cancer-causing chemicals which adhere to surfaces like seats and carpeting where they linger and further expose unsuspecting passengers.”

Professor Siegel later responded:

“This is an outright lie. There is no such evidence. No study has ever been done which documents that vaping results in the formation of carcinogens that adhere to surfaces, and no study has ever been done which documents that vaping on airplanes results in the deposition of such carcinogens or to carcinogen exposure among passengers.”

SourceTobacco Analysis Blog

Freedom to Choose

12. “They [the electronic cigarette] are a product of coercion, who would use them anywhere you could smoke?”

Official position of pro-smoking website Freedom to Choose in 2011

On the Tobacco Control Lobby

Scott Ballin

Headshot of Scott Ballin

13. “Stakeholders who wish to hold on to the past will be the forgotten ones when we look back ten to fifteen years from now. They can exit gracefully as the environment continues to change, but I know that some will go kicking and screaming unfortunately.”

SourceAn Interview with Scott Ballin

On The Modern ECigarette

Herbert A Gilbert

Herbert A Gilbert

14. “There is no electric cigarette today, that I have seen, that does not follow the basic road map set forth in my original patent.”

SourceAn interview with The Inventor of the Electronic Cigrette

David Sweanor in the LA Times

15. “E-Cigarettes are, ‘exactly what the tobacco companies have been afraid of all these years’ – a tobacco-free cigarette alternative.”

SourceLA Times

On Regulation

Professor JF Etter at the ECigaretteSummit

Head shot of Jean Francois Etter.

16. “You can not stop a tsunami with a law.” Tweet this link

(Note: Dr Etter is currently conducting two surveys on ecigarettes – click here and here to take part!)

Deborah Arnott: Action on Smoking and Health at the ECigarette Summit

17. “…ecig manufacturers don’t understand how their own products work.”

Jeremy Mean, MHRA at the ECigarette Summit

Headshot of Jeremy Mean.

18. “Vaper’s don’t want the next new flavour, they just want a droplet of nicotine delivered to their lungs.” Click to tweet this post

Dick Puddlecote on the proposed regulations

19. “How e-cigs are supposed to take off is anyone’s guess.”

Under the current proposals, no-one would know they (ecigs) exist, if they were allowed to exist at all.” Click to tweet this quote

SourceTrust Me, I’m a Tobacco Controller

Professor Polosa

Headshot of Professor Polosa

20. “The dream of a tobacco-free, nicotine-free world is just that – a dream!” Click to tweet this quote

SourceFive Scientists Examine the Case for Electronic Cigarettes

Chris Snowden, author and blogger at Velvet Glove Iron Fist

Chris Snowden

21. “…once e-cigarette use hits critical mass, the revolution will become unstoppable.” Click to tweet this post

SourceWhat’s next for EU Vapers?

Kate from Vaper’s Network

22. “They’re prepared to sacrifice millions of lives to keep themselves on top.” Click to tweet this quote

SourceAn Interview with the Smoking Nun

Chris Price on consequences of an e-cigarette ban

Chris Price

23. “it will … be the first time in history that the public have had to revert to the black market for safer products in order to stay alive and healthy.”

SourceECigarette Politics

24.  Elaine Keller: Vaping Advocate from CASAA

‘Why is YOUR concern about my “addiction” to nicotine more important than MY concern about getting lung cancer?” Click to tweet this quote

Why the ECigarette Should Be Banned

Dr Jonathan Whiteson:

25. “…there’s no proof that these cigarettes are safe. No proof whatsoever. They are made in China.”

SourceMade in China

Serena Chen

26. “I understand why people use the nicotine replacement aids, but I don’t understand why people want to pretend that they’re smoking.

“If you had a serial killer who liked to stab people, would you give him a rubber knife?” Click to tweet this quote

SourceSmoker’s Are Mass Murderers

Prue Talbot

27. “Someone in my lab just showed me a bright pink one. And they’re selling them with flavors like chocolate and bubble gum…These things have nicotine, and you can tell who they’re trying to hook.”

Source25 Quotes on Smoking, Anti-Smoking and the Electronic Cigarette

 Dr Florante Trindad of The WHO

28. “While regular cigarettes have a filter, [with] this delivery device the electronic cigarette, the nicotine goes directly to the lungs.”

SourceFilipino News Broadcast

James Reilly, Irish Minister for Health at the EPSCO Press Conference:

29. ”Less toxic does not mean more healthy for me.”

An Italian MEP to the European Council on Loss of Tax Revenue

30. “Can the Council state what action it intends to take to address the differences in tax revenue materialising in State coffers following the proliferation of electronic cigarettes, which currently appear to be free from any form of duty?”

SourceECigarette Tobacco Tax

Since this quote Italy has announced a tax on electronic cigarettes.

On Corruption

Headshot of Adrian Payne.

31. “Certainly large pharmaceutical companies with interests in stop-smoking medicines provide very substantial financial support to some of the ‘public health’ groups that are calling for e-cigarettes to be banned.”

SourceAn Interview with Adrian Payne

On Falling in Love With ECigarettes

Steve Paugh vaping an e-cigarette lookalike.

32. “I watched while the LED light that simulates the red ember of a burning cigarette glowed in response to my pull on the E-Cig, and as I pulled away and breathed in, I fell in love.

“There was the kick I had been craving; there was the feeling of something in my hand; there was the ‘smoke’ that danced from my mouth like a frozen whisper.”

SourceSur La Terre Magazine

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